Valentino - King Of The Music

"Valentino is the world's greatest keyboard entertainer" London Evening News

Paul Raymond Revue

"The Paul Raymond Revue Bar was one of the hottest tickets in London, it was one of the only places in London with nude dancers and the show played to packed houses each night. But most of the audience left after the show, in spite of numerous attempts to keep people at the bar, not least a huge aquarium with an underwater striptease show ! My agent persuaded Paul Raymond, who initially couldn't see the point in paying any man to work for him, to have a music show after the main event to keep the guests in the bar. 

Paul booked me for a single night as an experiment. Luckily for me my show on my Cordovox electric accordion was a huge hit. That one show ended up lasting 6 months. I shared my dressing room with the dancers from the main show and for a young Irish boy my eyes where almost popping out of my head !

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