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"Valentino is the world's greatest keyboard entertainer" London Evening News

The Helicopter !

"After my encounter with some of my neighbours more adventurous past times, I was asked if I could arrange for a 'celebrity' to open the village fete. I called up my colleague and friend Frank Sinatra, who had asked me on many occasions to perform for charities, if he was in England at the time and if he could make an appearance. After looking into it, Frank said he could slot a visit in for an hour, but would need to fly back to London in his chartered helicopter. I wanted to keep the visit a surprise, so I went ahead and organised a landing place in my back garden. I wrote to our local planning department at Uttlesford asking for permission to have a helipad, not knowing what the rules were."

"Someone leaked the story to the press that I was planning to have a helicopter landing place and within no time I was contacted by journalists, angry neighbours and not least the local Parish Council who finally found their pitch forks and started fund raising activities to stop this. Ironically, without knowing the real reason I wanted the helipad !"

"When I told Frank the story, he was livid and I remember him saying 'what a bunch of assholes, they don't deserve help'. I agreed that some where arseholes and he quickly corrected me 'I said assholes not arseholes, there's a difference, arseholes are useful!'".


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