Valentino - King Of The Music

"Valentino is the world's greatest keyboard entertainer" London Evening News

What The Vegas Press Said

Lord of The Dance Meets King of The Music

You might well be thinking that you've heard it all before. Then prepare to have your mind changed. Last week at The New Desert Inn a tall handsome Irishman with the unlikely name of Valentino (although he has long lost his brogue) walked on to the stage dressed as though he was about to perform at a Country & Western festival. But if you think Valentino looks different wait until you hear him play. When he sat at his white piano -no ordinary piano but a custom made electronic piano by Yamaha of Japan-I'm not sure what I really expected. I'm not going to spoil the surprise by telling you what came next. All I will say is that it was quite the most astonishing musical experience I have seen or heard anywhere. A massive wall of sound enveloped the audience in such a way as you actually "felt" the music inside you. No other entertainer in the world looks, plays or sounds like him. When I tell you he received a standing ovation after his opening number -something I've never seen anywhere, even in Las Vegas-you'll realise this guy is doing something quite extraordinary and unique.


 But it is far more than just brilliant musicianship and electronic gadgetry. He is a master of stagecraft and knows exactly how to handle his audience. With a sound so rich and lifelike, no matter what kind of music you enjoy, he brings it alive the way it was meant to be heard. His programme ranged from Le Miserable to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, from the Classics to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and he does it all with such style and originality. 

Two thirds of the way through his concert he changed instruments to an accordion. But nothing is ever as it seems with Valentino. Once again this was no ordinary accordion. It was of course another electronic custom made job and in his most capable hands we were treated to the most incredible array of sounds and effects ranging from thunder and lightning, cascading strings and awesome guitars to huge cathedral organs. His final flourish on this remarkable instrument came when he linked it to his piano and played his spectacular arrangement of the music from Michael Flatleys Lord Of The Dance. It was a show stopping routine that tingled every spine in the house and brought yet another standing ovation. After several encores he was gone and we were left tingling, excited, dazed and exhilarated by this unique and incredible entertainer and his truly amazing performance. 


During his long career Valentino has worked with most of the greats in showbusiness including many Las Vegas favourites such as Englebert Humperdinck, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones to name but a few. And during his performance he told the audience many interesting, humorous and revealing tales about his relationship with these stars both on and off the stage. But it was his music that everyone wanted to hear. 



It would be easy to dismiss it all as a box of tricks. He makes it all look so easy. But behind the laid back Irish charm and wit is a very serious musician who has spent his whole career pushing the boundaries of music further and further so that today his revolutionary new sound and incredible musicianship, places him at the forefront of advanced music. He is light years ahead of anything I've ever heard. It's astonishing that one man can produce the sound of two orchestras from just one keyboard. His whole presentation is a truly revolutionary concept. He is so technologically advanced that he actually recreates the performance space itself. Every detail of sound he produces from both his incredible instruments is faithfully replicated in a way never heard before. He's a magical musician who has changed audiences live concert experiences for ever. Don't miss the chance to see him. He truly deserves the undisputed title of “King of the Music."





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